Push-up over a fire jump rope! uploaded by Seastar

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Push-up over a fire jump rope!

A performer of Lumina Entertainment does a push-up over a fire jump rope in a show finale. Denver, CO
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Push-up over a fire jump rope!

No. 1
Bonita Danger Doll - Lyra LED Heart
No. 2
Flying with fairies
No. 3
Roof top
No. 4
Aerial flow
No. 5
Lyra Love
No. 6
The 360 Orbial
No. 7
Floating on a dream
No. 8
Lyra Love x2
No. 9
Take Flight!!!
No. 10
Hang loose
No. 11
Up and Dance
No. 12
Rope in the light
No. 13
Passing in Throne
No. 14
Jump with Poi
No. 15
Lyra in the sky with diamonds 💎
No. 16
Hangin’ around!
No. 17
Aerial chain
No. 18
No. 19
No. 20
Burning Lyra
No. 21
Melt with clouds
No. 22
She’s a Haute Mess
No. 23
Lyra top split
No. 24
Elliot Walton Circus Artist
No. 25
In Australia
No. 26
Push-up over a fire jump rope!
No. 27
Just silly
No. 28
The Quiet
No. 29
Seaside Session
No. 30
Sunshine Silk Smiles
No. 31
Aerial Poi
No. 32
Electric forest ❤️
No. 33
Up in the air
No. 34
Flow Face

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