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Im a lonely lonesome loner, who lives in rough area and was unsure on making friends in my new area. The area has consistent robberies and assaults, and on Multiple occasions Id been asked what I was doing, tossing and swinging my juggling clubs/contact poi around. Id explain, its practice for fire so I dont burn myself. Id seen some of the slightly better off parents have bounce house and some with nothing but make-shift entertainment for Bday parties. So I started offering my talents for free for the kids in the ghettos on their bdays! I now have a level of safety in the bad areas, some new freinds, and multiple sweet nicknames from all the kids in the neighborhood! 😎🤡😎. -FireGuy Picture: Me spinning Floyds 9th bday party in Victorville, Ca.
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As picked by HoP
1. Lag BaOmer Show entered by tedbaumhauer
2. Social Distancing Butterfly entered by Lana Mae
3. Fire Sprite Liss entered by Deepblueera

No. 1
Dragon Fire
No. 2
Shine bright like a diamond
No. 3
Lunar Fire
No. 4
Fire on the Mountain
No. 5
Flaming gaze
No. 6
Wakaan Forever 👽
No. 7
Mask of Gold
No. 8
Fire Sprite Liss
No. 9
You Can’t Get Away!
No. 10
No. 11
Social Distancing Butterfly
No. 12
Lag BaOmer Show
No. 13
Souls of fire
No. 14
Best Performance Ever
No. 15
Look into my eyes... closer...
No. 16
Big Wick Energy
No. 17
Solo fire performance
No. 18
Passing in Thigh Stand
No. 19
Fire Sprite at Imbolc
No. 20
Vitruvian Poi Man
No. 21
want to see your future ?
No. 22
Fire ignites me
No. 23
No. 24
PachaMama one with Fire
No. 25
No. 26
Fire staff
No. 27
Rise Up, Phoenix
No. 28
Relaxed spring
No. 29
Sonic blooming photo by Bradford watkins
No. 30
Giko Magiko fire
No. 31
No. 32
Dragon Dance 🐉
No. 33
No. 34
The Pass
No. 35
Poi Backbend
No. 36
Summer Night
No. 37
Jaidra firewings 2019
No. 38
No. 39
1 Foot on 12 Foot Unicycle
No. 40
No. 41
Teaching the next generation
No. 42
Persephone and Hades
No. 43
you spin me round
No. 44
Mermaid Masquerade
No. 45
Burn off
No. 46
Its fire flavoured
No. 47
Bekars flaiming heart
No. 48
Something a Little Tribal
No. 49
Whats behind the mask you ask?
No. 50
Light Em Up
No. 51
Hang the Dirty Pirate
No. 52
Southern Cross
No. 53
Hoops of happiness
No. 54
Fire Fingers
No. 55
Magic Light
No. 56
Joy far away
No. 57
Fire & Fireworks

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