Some mood lighting uploaded by thebatsarecoming

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Some mood lighting

6 years playing around with circus and flow things, collecting all kinds of bits to drive my interests. I thought showing off some of my props with some fun balancing, propping against each other with a bit of symmetry and little light to show off the light props better
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Some mood lighting

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1. Roses are red, I’m on a mission, with many props, I hope to win this competition entered by Karina Foster
2. Some mood lighting entered by thebatsarecoming
3. Imaginary prop friend entered by DamnEdge

No. 1
Suitcase staff
No. 2
Let Your Stuff Set You Free
No. 3
Roses are red, I’m on a mission, with many props, I hope to win this competition
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Some mood lighting
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Pre Show Prep
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Feeding on flow energy
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Balls at Bryant Park
No. 8
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A friend at Herald Sq
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Fairy Circus
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Cat vs. Stuff
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Behold! My Alter of Divination Trinkets~
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my family
No. 14
Post-performance fire props
No. 15
poi geometry
No. 16
Imaginary prop friend
No. 17
Best Place In The House

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