The Dragon and her staff uploaded by Deana Lancaster

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The Dragon and her staff

This was taken one evening during a performance. It’s just me and my dragon staff.
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The Dragon and her staff

As picked by HoP
1. Acrobatic at Bückeburg entered by jens_arndt
2. Tame the Flame entered by nancyanneemoses
3. Swords of Passion entered by Ziggy Starshiine

No. 1
Double staff
No. 2
Dragon Fire
No. 3
Welcome to the postapocalypse
No. 4
Fire on the Mountain
No. 5
Staff flower
No. 6
No. 7
Tame the Flame
No. 8
Firey Dragon
No. 9
Close to the flame
No. 10
No. 11
will of fire
No. 12
Acrobatic at Bückeburg
No. 13
Devils Atom
No. 14
Just a girl and her stick
No. 15
Fire bender
No. 16
Slide to the left?! Criss cross!
No. 17
Contact staff
No. 18
The Dragon and her staff
No. 19
The juggler and the sea
No. 20
Flames In The City
No. 21
Ignis the clown
No. 22
FIREMAGIC firedance team from Hungary
No. 23
Flaring off
No. 24
No. 25
Fire helicopter
No. 26
Stick to this
No. 27
Michigan Flow
No. 28
Out on the Deck 😉
No. 29
Flexing on the Haters
No. 30
Stick to the plan
No. 31
Attention grabbing opener
No. 32
Neon Dreaming
No. 33
Just playing
No. 34
4 staff juggling
No. 35
Answered prayers
No. 36
Swords of Passion
No. 37
Backwards burn
No. 38
Keeper of the Flame

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