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Happy Whipping

This photo was taken by Anton Luke Photography and captures me in my element whipping for a crowd of Kurdish children celebrating their new year. Im so grateful this moment was able to be shared here :
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Happy Whipping

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1. Mateo Torres entered by Jon MāoRa-ri Pitman
2. Happy Whipping entered by Káli Savill
3. Loving life! entered by onehoopgirrl

No. 1
Fire Fan Bliss
No. 2
moving with my fav dance partner just always gifts me the biggest smile
No. 3
Fest Fairy
No. 4
Smiling Head to Toe!
No. 5
Pixel Whip at Circus Bar
No. 6
My Signature Burlesque Face
No. 7
First Burn
No. 8
The Last Steampunk Waltz
No. 9
Luckiest Girl Alive
No. 10
My happy place
No. 11
She smiles with her eyes
No. 12
💞 Hoop Love 💞
No. 13
With Very Warm Aloha!
No. 14
Morning practice
No. 15
Joy to Collide
No. 16
Delusions of Grandeur
No. 17
Mateo Torres
No. 18
Festival Wings
No. 19
Siva Afi
No. 20
Express Yourself ✌🏻
No. 21
The Harley queen
No. 22
Happy Whipping
No. 23
Loving life!
No. 24
Follow the Light
No. 25
Day by the water
No. 26
NLQ Beach
No. 27
Wizard flow
No. 28
No. 29
Fire fans in Florida
No. 30
Ropedart love
No. 31
Graduating with style
No. 32
Fire Dork
No. 33
Just burning things...
No. 34
Balance This!
No. 35
Smiling is happiness

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