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I will rise from fire

Photo was taken on Tarda Festival in Croatia 2016.Theme of festival is the old Turkish Empire that happened in 16.century.With this double staff performance sculpture of traditional turkish sword was lit on fire that have been made from straw bales.Special thanks to Ivana Milić Photography
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I will rise from fire

As picked by HoP
1. Quiet Winter Alley entered by Kamikaze
2. burning clown entered by una-shamaa
3. M25 Burn entered by Jon MāoRa-ri Pitman

No. 1
No. 2
Fire ignites me
No. 3
Thirsty to burn
No. 4
I will rise from fire
No. 5
Fire shield
No. 6
Quiet Winter Alley
No. 7
Lâme du feu
No. 8
Bulgarian Folklore Fire
No. 9
burning clown
No. 10
Staff, la flamme
No. 11
Dragonlady Fire
No. 12
Flammable Water
No. 13
No. 14
Fire at the Barcade
No. 15
No. 16
Its Got To Be HOT
No. 17
I saw you coming, little fire.
No. 18
Inside the flames
No. 19
Burning ring of fire
No. 20
Lart du feu
No. 21
Feel The Fire
No. 22
Fire Fantastic
No. 23
Through the gates of hell
No. 24
Multiple choices
No. 25
Fire Loop
No. 26
No. 27
M25 Burn
No. 28
HoP fire poi
No. 29
Eating by the lake
No. 30
Tabitha foster
No. 31
It’s got to be hot
No. 32
Practice fire man
No. 33
No. 34
Light of the Night
No. 35
fire moment
No. 36
Living in Flames
No. 37
Infinity snake!!!!

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