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Lexa - Tainted Love

This photo was taken while I was performing at a show at one of my favorite festivals in Romania, performing on one of my favorite songs from Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love, next to a good friend of mine.
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Lexa - Tainted Love

As picked by HoP
1. The puppeteer and his puppet entered by Iuliana Gabriela Aanitei
2. Sisterflies with love entered by Valentina Luther Blisset
3. For the love of fire entered by Siobhan Brady

No. 1
Lexa - Tainted Love
No. 2
Stand by me
No. 3
My valentine
No. 4
Avatar Hoop
No. 5
We like fun
No. 6
Twin Flames by SumBodyArt & FlamenFlow
No. 7
For the love of fire
No. 8
Love - Dance - Fire
No. 9
Love & lacht
No. 10
Dance with me
No. 11
No. 12
Warriors of Lights
No. 13
Waltzing dart
No. 14
Sisterflies with love
No. 15
We will rock you
No. 16
When your prop is a human...
No. 17
Life Long Love
No. 18
“Secret Love”
No. 19
The puppeteer and his puppet
No. 20
you light me up my love
No. 21
Fire poi v glow poi v light whip
No. 22
Puppy Poi
No. 23
Youre the music - Im the movement
No. 24
Opposites attract!
No. 25
Wild Flower and Jay Didgeridoo
No. 26
Festival of Lights 2018
No. 27
Future husband and wife
No. 28
Hot summer night
No. 29
Fire Storm
No. 30

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