Fire and stones. uploaded by Rikka T

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Fire and stones.

Back when I performed with a different troupe. That gravel was killer on my knees. Still have the scares. Was an amazing night of music, fire, and live art!
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Fire and stones.

As picked by HoP
1. On the edge entered by Salix
2. The Fire Inside entered by Kristinarev
3. Peacock backbend entered by Aletta Kiss

No. 1
Fire Bending
No. 2
Bendy benderson
No. 3
Feeling The Heat
No. 4
Fire fold
No. 5
Dragon fire
No. 6
Peacock backbend
No. 7
Fire and stones.
No. 8
Hands of Fire
No. 9
Feeling The Heat
No. 10
Fun in the sun
No. 11
expo tattoo ´17
No. 12
Bendy Practice
No. 13
No. 14
The Fire Inside
No. 15
Fire Curtain Acro
No. 16
On the edge

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