Stare into the light uploaded by Jessi Bichel

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Stare into the light

Playing with my cathedral home of poi heads at the dark arts show in Appleton wi.
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Stare into the light

As picked by HoP
1. Flying stars entered by Philipp Theilen
2. Hello darkness my old friend. entered by Aaron Howorth
3. LED hoop entered by Eilidh Sela

No. 1
Lotus licks
No. 2
What goes up
No. 3
Fire Vixen
No. 4
Fairy Magic
No. 5
Burning the breeze
No. 6
Fire devilstick
No. 7
Fill the Void
No. 8
New years eve
No. 9
Fire fan fun!
No. 10
No. 11
A fox playing with fire
No. 12
Flying stars
No. 13
The days of the past
No. 14
Sacre bleu
No. 15
The priestess of flame
No. 16
Fire poi spinning
No. 17
Pick ?
No. 18
Heres the corckscrew, wheres the wine?
No. 19
No. 20
Midnight strike
No. 21
Castlefields in the dark
No. 22
LED hoop
No. 23
Mystery Spinner
No. 24
Riba Festival
No. 25
Flow artist mid chest roll
No. 26
No. 27
On The Moon
No. 28
Spark it up ^-^
No. 29
spinning in the snow... fighting the cold
No. 30
No. 31
No. 32
Hello darkness my old friend.
No. 33
Aus Day celebrations
No. 34
Summit Ring
No. 35
Round n round
No. 36
Stare into the light
No. 37
Circus Runaway
No. 38
Black & White
No. 39
Jules and Charlie
No. 40
Play in the park
No. 41
Fire Flower
No. 42
Dreamdancers fire faires
No. 43
Ball contact🔮
No. 44
No. 45
bless fire bless

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