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A night at the beach under the Moon. we use to make gatherings in the beach once a week with fire and music. That night was the goodbuy of summer circle.
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1. kiss entered by CarolineB
2. Vortex of Color entered by Lunaeric9
3. Sparkly Lotus Fans entered by rosadancer

No. 1
Love me love me
No. 2
Fire poi show at Bordeaux France
No. 3
Spirit and mind keeping my body inline.
No. 4
Ring of Fire
No. 5
Invoking Hecate
No. 6
fire dance
No. 7
Vortex of Color
No. 8
Sparkly Lotus Fans
No. 9
LED Fire
No. 10
Mad Max Twirlsquad
No. 11
No. 12
Summer nights ablaze!
No. 13
4 ball game
No. 14
Never Drop Your Smile!
No. 15
Little universe
No. 16
Blurry yet clear
No. 17
Bahamas 2017
No. 18
My favourite toy!
No. 19
Stanley Styx Circus Artist
No. 20
Exavier Fire Spin
No. 21
Warm evening
No. 22
Forest viking
No. 23
No. 24
No. 25
Side to side partner
No. 26
Pai Circus Fire Fans
No. 27
1st dragon pic <3
No. 28
No. 29
Flowy ❤️😇❤️
No. 30
Fan in the woods
No. 31
Ring of fire
No. 32
casting fire magic:
No. 33
Lake life
No. 34
Center of my joy
No. 35
Beach time
No. 36
Birthday spinning
No. 37
Lights of Melbourne
No. 38
HOP fire poi
No. 39
Swirl twirl
No. 40
Fire wings
No. 41
London Park
No. 42
No. 43
Palm and Poi
No. 44
No. 45
New Years🎉
No. 46