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Cosmic Dance

I like to perform on the street, dance together with people, give them joy. This time it was in China, in Yunnan province and I was spinning poi and roller skating at the same time. Quite challenging ! But probably thats the future of Flow Arts - to join them with other disciplines. Sci-Fi ?
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Cosmic Dance

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1. M25 Burnoff entered by Jon MāoRa-ri Pitman
2. Alpha Centaury entered by calavera
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Silver wing
No. 2
Darth Firefly Balancing the Force
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Masked Flow
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Anakins Choice
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Safety first
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may the 4th be with u
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Against the Dark Side
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Jedi Jaja vs The Emperor
No. 9
Galaxy, dust, and dark matter.
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Alpha Centaury
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Silver Light Alien
No. 12
Space Jam
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M25 Burnoff
No. 14
Jarred Chalke
No. 15
Cosmic Dance