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This ball magically levitates when reaching maximum juggling potential! I must be that good to give me a vote ;
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1. Juggle where you should not juggle! entered by pabloandresuarez1992
2. Sunset entered by Pablo Ludwig
3. Color juggling entered by warmjugglersfeeling

No. 1
Juggle balls
No. 2
The power of levitation
No. 3
No. 4
Inverted Me
No. 5
The High-Energy Juggling of Justin Time!
No. 6
Like Father, like son.
No. 7
No. 8
Helping the derp by derping around
No. 9
Juggling from the heart
No. 10
Deep focus
No. 11
No. 12
Shiny Rave Clown
No. 13
My fingers are freezing!
No. 14
Stilt LED ball Juggling
No. 15
Juggle where you should not juggle!
No. 16
Dragon onesie at sunset
No. 17
What siteswap is this?
No. 18
All in
No. 19
Contact Hamster
No. 20
Balls in Wonderland
No. 21
1 ball, 2 bags and an apple
No. 22
Juggling in the jungle
No. 23
3 ball juggling
No. 24
Juggling at Teotihuacan
No. 25
Contact Juggling Wizard
No. 26
Orange ball
No. 27
Twin balance
No. 28
Seated Three Ball
No. 29
Acrylic contact ball
No. 30
Relaxation time!
No. 31
Irish person Juggling in Denmark. By Thomas Horner