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Flame Sword

Flame Sword Spinning
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Flame Sword

As picked by HoP
1. Clarkizard entered by Stephenclark
2. Helix Burnoff with Stanley Styx Circus Artist entered by Jon MāoRa-ri Pitman
3. Fire staff entered by caeli.esse

No. 1
Beautiful Uruguay
No. 2
Spunyette the Pyrotechnic Ballerina giving life to the Dragon Staff
No. 3
Fire face
No. 4
Stuck Stick
No. 5
Is that real fire?!?!
No. 6
Follow me to the light <3
No. 7
Magic stick
No. 8
Issaic Del Sol-Grateful Flame
No. 9
Chris Blaze
No. 10
Fire staff
No. 11
Fight like men
No. 12
The Dreamer
No. 13
The Taming of the Flame
No. 14
Estrella de Fuego
No. 15
double fire problem
No. 16
End of the Tunnel
No. 17
No. 18
First burn
No. 19
Sorceress of three lights
No. 20
Performance with my love to
No. 21
Fire staff
No. 22
Fire girl
No. 23
Infatuated by the flame
No. 24
No. 25
Triangle Face Balance
No. 26
Overcome anxiety
No. 27
Helix Burnoff with Stanley Styx Circus Artist
No. 28
The Imagination Warrior
No. 29
Stickin it to the man
No. 30
In the flow
No. 31
Entranced by the Dragon
No. 32
No. 33
Happy Dragon
No. 34
No. 35
Umbrella on fire...
No. 36
Firework Staff #PFS
No. 37
Double Staff
No. 38
Hawaii Beach Dragon
No. 39
Fire Bomb
No. 40
Fire bending
No. 41
No. 42
Straight from the top of the dome
No. 43
Push the staff
No. 44
LED Staff
No. 45
No. 46
Circus Fire Eater
No. 47
Flame Sword
No. 48
Sticky meteor staff
No. 49
Spirit Summoning
No. 50
No. 51
Mardi Gras flow
No. 52
Jingle bass

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