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Fire Scythe Zone at Defqon.1

Spinning my fire scythe for the finale of our fire show at Defqon.1 Australia 2016! One of the most epic moments of my life!
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Submitted on 2017-11-17 Views:1360
Fire Scythe Zone at Defqon.1


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As picked by HoP
1. Maleficent on Fire entered by Freddie__Alviola
2. Fire Scythe Zone at Defqon.1 entered by Jessica_Luna!
3. Fire Matrix entered by Calvin_Grant

No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
Maleficent on Fire
No. 4
Dancing with Poi :
No. 5
No. 6
Chainstaff burn off
No. 7
Strike A Pose
No. 8
Fire Scythe Zone at Defqon.1
No. 9
No. 10
Light Magikk
No. 11
TPM Couple Of Fire
No. 12
Tantalizing Tiger on FIRE!!
No. 13
That dose of crack
No. 14
Fire Dance
No. 15
Fire Matrix
No. 16
Couple of Fire
No. 17
No. 18
From me to you
No. 19
Fire 🔥
No. 20
Flowshow by Shakta Tribe
No. 21
4 toes the pirate spins a sword
No. 22
Fire Ritual
No. 23
Smoking fans
No. 24
I trust you
No. 25
Childrens festival in the countryside
No. 26
No. 27
Magical ball juggling
No. 28
Flying with out wings
No. 29
Set the night on fire
No. 30
fiery vicious circles
No. 31
No. 32
Rollercoaster of Life.
No. 33
Atomic burnoffs
No. 34
No. 35
Leave me in the Fire
No. 36
Light my fire
No. 37
Lost Lands Music Festival
No. 38
Free bird, Free staff !
No. 39
Engulfed in the flame 🔥
No. 40
No. 41
Fire Queen
No. 42
Party time with katie p
No. 43
No. 44
Firefly Festival
No. 45
Spooky lights
No. 46
No. 47
Balance in the element
No. 48
Next generation
No. 49
Girl on fire
No. 50
No. 51
ipnotizing with fire
No. 52
Gothic Flow
No. 53
Fire un scene
No. 54
D Fire Dance Lover
No. 55
Falling in swirls
No. 56
Under the sea!
No. 57
Dreaming with fire
No. 58
freestyle frisbee at a beach party
No. 59
Beso deluna
No. 60
Flow Serenity