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I´m one whit the air

I love this moment, it reminds me that nothing is impossible and that through art painting, dance, music etc we can create magic inside and outside us. So simple but wonderful as a smile. Indian Spirit Festival Germany by Asaf Vana
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I´m one whit the air

As picked by HoP
1. Balkan Party entered by Dominika Hoopinika
2. Smile of circle entered by Hajung Lee
3. Blissfully Weaving entered by Angel Dudley

No. 1
Happy fairy
No. 2
Fierce Smile of Fire
No. 3
Fairy dance
No. 4
Trick r Treat
No. 5
Demon Smile
No. 6
No. 7
First firespinning with my son
No. 8
No. 9
Sunset smiles
No. 10
Having fun
No. 11
With pleasure
No. 12
Balkan Party
No. 13
I´m one whit the air
No. 14
No. 15
Double the fun
No. 16
Sneaky smile
No. 17
Happy ;
No. 18
With Fire & Flow
No. 19
Soul of fire
No. 20
No. 21
Feel the fire
No. 22
Melting till the smiles
No. 23
sunset smile
No. 24
A childs smile is the best smile
No. 25
Smile of circle
No. 26
Ooops, Dropped It!
No. 27
Spin and smile
No. 28
First Spin
No. 29
Fire joy
No. 30
Smiley Hooping Catgirl
No. 31
Dance like no one is watching
No. 32
Cutie Fire Smile
No. 33
Happiest Hooper - Kari B.
No. 34
Pirate show
No. 35
Memory Elena - 2 fans 1 hoop
No. 36
Say Fire!
No. 37
The Sexy Stick Pose? : P
No. 38
Blisters of happiness and sparks
No. 39
ElectroFire Prince
No. 40
fan-cy smile
No. 41
In my happy place ❤️🔥
No. 42
pls smile :D
No. 43
A Moment of Bliss.
No. 44
No. 45
Festival brothers!
No. 46
Tribal paw
No. 47
Super Smiley Spinner!
No. 48
Forrest Flow
No. 49
Veils Before Poi
No. 50
Balls make me smile
No. 51
True smile
No. 52
Vampire Smile 🦇
No. 53
From love of fire smile
No. 54
Beach Flow
No. 55
No. 56
Everyone Smile ...
No. 57
Ohigho Smiles
No. 58
A smile upside down but not a frown
No. 59
Blissfully Weaving
No. 60
No. 61
Snow Circus
No. 62
super happy smile
No. 63
Pure Bliss
No. 64
love tongue
No. 65
Happy Hooper
No. 66
No. 67
Happy go lucky
No. 68
The orb of smiles
No. 69
Virgin Conclave
No. 70