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Internal Battle

What you see in this photo: Me looking confident with my hula hoop at a local festival Culturefest, Pipestem WV. What you dont see: After a few panic attacks and attempts to back out of going to my first festival, my friend helped me somewhat overcome my anxiety enough to get outside my comfort zone. What you dont see, is me telling myself not to look up out of fear that someone will be looking me. What you dont see, is me telling myself to just breathe, to just keep flowing. Just another example of how the inside doesnt always match the outside.
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Internal Battle

As picked by HoP
1. Love in the Bermuda Triangle entered by julia.pierre999
2. night fury entered by heartsalve83
3. Sport Suzie Diabolo entered by Punktheclown

No. 1
No. 2
~ Agni Spirit ~
No. 3
The only one last bit of nature
No. 4
Farralis Fire Fans
No. 5
Fire demon
No. 6
Zaffire Pheonix
No. 7
Peace of Mind
No. 8
Tribal Laila Gaia
No. 9
Fire Queen
No. 10
Electricity aura
No. 11
Fire Angel
No. 12
No. 13
Breath of Flame
No. 14
Rain & Fire
No. 15
Godess of fans
No. 16
Luna Fire and Light
No. 17
No. 18
Wheel of fortune
No. 19
night fury
No. 20
Taste the Burn
No. 21
Poolside Hoop Flow
No. 22
JK fire from Tokyo
No. 23
Sunsets and Circles
No. 24
Isolating Meadows
No. 25
Hobby love
No. 26
Prism hooping
No. 27
On the Costa Rica Color
No. 28
No. 29
Sport Suzie Diabolo
No. 30
Darkly Dreaming
No. 31
Lava Cake
No. 32
Contactstaff black & white
No. 33
No. 34
Fire Orb
No. 35
Skull Ritual
No. 36
Purify Me
No. 37
No. 38
No. 39
Feuer frei!
No. 40
Keep Spinning!
No. 41
Purple Ring of Magic
No. 42
Fayah magic
No. 43
Your little girlfriend
No. 44
Lady Fire Staff
No. 45
Spin me around
No. 46
first chest roll caught on camera!
No. 47
fire stars
No. 48
Hoop Warrior Princess
No. 49
Fire Eating
No. 50
Free Dots
No. 51
Mia on Fire
No. 52
No. 53
Spread your wings!
No. 54
Sunset lotus
No. 55
In the forest....
No. 56
Ring of Fire
No. 57
FireFox Fire Fans
No. 58
dancing with fire
No. 59
Internal Battle
No. 60
Fire festival in Japan
No. 61
Mountain Lights
No. 62
Fire and Ice spin flags
No. 63
No. 64
Forest Fairy
No. 65
She dances in the ring of fire...
No. 66
Full Moon Halo
No. 67
Sunshine on my hoops makes me happy
No. 68
Love in the Bermuda Triangle
No. 69
Ring of Fire
No. 70
No. 71
Fire & Ice
No. 72
Never Lose Your Flame
No. 73
Rainbow Unicorn
No. 74
Midnight Spin
No. 75
Sea of faces
No. 76
Ignis gladio
No. 77
magic fans
No. 78
Sexy Showgirl
No. 79
Give them the old razzle dazzle
No. 80
To Fan the Fires
No. 81
The fire within
No. 82
Heart of poi
No. 83
LED Hoop dreams
No. 84
Hot stuff
No. 85
Light hearted
No. 86
Blowing out the last wick
No. 87
Sparkle Showers
No. 88
Golden Glow
No. 89
hoop trick
No. 90
Human Candle
No. 91
The Holy 3
No. 92
Seaside Silhouette
No. 93
Blessed by the birds
No. 94
Nails of fire
No. 95
Moon Das
No. 96
Fire and led

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