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Tricksy Pixies

Hoop Troupe performing in handmade costuming by Tricksy Pixies Photography by Izaak Todd of Itphotography
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Tricksy Pixies

As picked by HoP
1. The Tahoe Fire Dancers! entered by jpete14
2. Tricksy Pixies entered by ruzzier
3. Webster Hell 2015 entered by Francisco Armendariz

No. 1
Fire Performance Sydney
No. 2
No. 3
the clock
No. 4
New beginnings
No. 5
Firebending with Swords
No. 6
Golden victory training pose
No. 7
Tricksy Pixies
No. 8
The Tahoe Fire Dancers!
No. 9
Dunedin Fire and Circus Club
No. 10
Webster Hell 2015
No. 11
A Circus Fable
No. 12
fire fight
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