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Burning Hands

It was taken in January this jear by Ingo Becker, a good frind of mine Indigo Photography. We made a Shooting in the forest, theme : FIRE AND ICE. I play with Monkey Fists Trick: Spiral Wrap.
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Burning Hands

As picked by HoP
1. Incursion Promo entered by Jacob_Rolfe
2. Defeating fire with fire entered by Milimic
3. Fire Dragon entered by Jo_Jo_Marie__Edmister

No. 1
Dread under the arc
No. 2
Twin snake poi madnes
No. 3
3 poi
No. 4
Soul Searching
No. 5
Defeating fire with fire
No. 6
Feeling the fire
No. 7
Dragones Reales
No. 8
No. 9
No. 10
Fire eater
No. 11
Palmy Axe Man
No. 12
Fire Dragon
No. 13
May I have this dance...?
No. 14
Its about the heart!
No. 15
big snakes
No. 16
its hot here !
No. 17
Graph shoot
No. 18
Blindfolded Dragon
No. 19
jugglin unicycle!
No. 20
Ring of fire
No. 21
A Poised Glaive
No. 22
Fire trails
No. 23
Fire 🔥Storm
No. 24
Pyro Cyclone
No. 25
Dragons Breath
No. 26
Burning Hands
No. 27
Beach fire play
No. 28
Ghost Fire
No. 29
No. 30
No. 31
Fire Power
No. 32
Burn Fetish
No. 33
Spinning in fire
No. 34
Urban Surfing
No. 35
Flame in Hand
No. 36
No. 37
Fiery feet
No. 38
Inferno Sorceress
No. 39
Fire Perch
No. 40
True to fire
No. 41
When in doubt, flow
No. 42
4 juggling staff
No. 43
Red Hot Juggling
No. 44
Wings of the fire angel
No. 45
Dallys Fire Foot Hooping
No. 46
Incursion Promo
No. 47
fire phoenix
No. 48
No. 49
human Manoria
No. 50
Bear Loves the Snakes
No. 51
Dragon slayer
No. 52
No. 53
Fire Dancing Under the Stars
No. 54
No. 55
No. 56