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A picture of me using my lotus fans. A fireball is in the middle top. Just love this picture. really captures the movement of the fire. I love my fans, I made them and they are amazing.
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As picked by HoP
1. Water Meteor entered by davidsflow92
2. First spring rain entered by Astina
3. S-staff by the hill entered by Ryan Anderson

No. 1
winter rain
No. 2
Paina Hula
No. 3
Picture perfect
No. 4
rain is no match for fire!
No. 5
First spring rain
No. 6
Water Meteor
No. 7
purple rain
No. 8
S-staff by the hill
No. 9
After the storm
No. 10
Rainy Day Spiral Play
No. 11
Triumphant FLOWments in the Rain
No. 12
No. 13
Rainy evening
No. 14
Angel wings on a snowy rainy night
No. 15
Rain on our parade

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