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For the love of fans

This photo was taken during the first edition of the Romanian Fire Festival, an event organized by Pyraessence, the crew I am a part of. We had performers from all over the country and from abroad enchant us with amazing shows and it was a really great opportunity to get the local flow arts community together for a few days. Also, this was the first time I got to use my lovely spider fans on stage.
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For the love of fans

As picked by HoP
1. the calm of the sea entered by catrigby
2. Tribal Flame entered by Annie
3. Tangled entered by Rose Pesca

No. 1
blindfolded training
No. 2
Detroit BURNS!
No. 3
The Glow Show
No. 4
For the love of fans
No. 5
Light up the earth
No. 6
The Statue
No. 7
Center Stage
No. 8
fire poi
No. 9
Trapeze Dreams
No. 10
Infinite Bliss 🙏🏽✨
No. 11
No. 12
Kraken from Fiera Flow
No. 13
One hand cartwheel
No. 14
The Magic Circle
No. 15
the shadow of fire
No. 16
Fiera Fans
No. 17
light up the night
No. 18
Light and Water
No. 19
3 Poi, No Sweat
No. 20
Fire on the Pasture
No. 21
Spiral me with warmth
No. 22
angel wings
No. 23
inside the shades
No. 24
Rocking the snakes
No. 25
Fire and cosplay
No. 26
Russian Swing Pushback/Suck
No. 27
Circus school
No. 28
~Full On Elvin Fire Flow~
No. 29
The Galaxy Girlz
No. 30
Sassy Blue
No. 31
Natural circle of life
No. 32
No. 33
Roaring flames
No. 34
. . .  pur    love  . . .
No. 35
No. 36
Firefly and fans
No. 37
Pushing boundaries
No. 38
Ace from Fiera Flow
No. 39
The Waltz
No. 40
Dance for the muse
No. 41
Bricks and Fire
No. 42
Frosted Fairy
No. 43
Spin me around
No. 44
Desert Dwellers Live Experience
No. 45
the calm of the sea
No. 46
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
No. 47
Jack Sparrow with Poi
No. 48
Lost in the moment
No. 49
No. 50
Phantom of the Playa
No. 51
Fire Frenzy
No. 52
Feral woman
No. 53
Vitruvian arms
No. 54
Manaia Magic
No. 55
No. 56
No. 57
Tribal Flame
No. 58
No. 59
Florida Tiny House Festival 2016
No. 60
No. 61
Rion Fish
No. 62
No. 63
No. 64
No. 65
Dimensional Dancing
No. 66
Marie Antoinette Fire Eating Dinner Party
No. 67
Im with the band
No. 68
Blind Fire
No. 69
No. 70
Meditative Fleshing
No. 71
Money Shot
No. 72
2016 🐉
No. 73
Bitey and Co!
No. 74
Fire Poi Graffiti Tunnel
No. 75
Lets Dance
No. 76
Universal Expression
No. 77
Fiery Zen
No. 78
Fuel my Flame
No. 79
No. 80
dragon staff performance
No. 81
Jason Likes em Hot
No. 82
Happy hooping
No. 83
Trish from Blazing Phoenix
No. 84
Blessing of the Fleet
No. 85
Full moon
No. 86
Poi of Plur
No. 87