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Originally Posted By: kamiamnot to mention the collateral structure damage to the ceiling. // Any help on how to stop hurting self with the double staff would be MOST appreciated. HAHAH...

this topic is quite an...interesting read.

keep your case nearby and put them in it when you practice. you don't need to see you poi, and it helps not to destroy them.

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Library > POI > Advanced Weaves > Forward Weave (5 beats) Behind the Back

5b BTB FW  Uploaded 4 Apr, 2011


Ultra Poi with Comet Tail  
     9th January, 2011
"the yellow looks a bit green when they aren't moving but is absolutely yellow in the air! they sound a bit like fire having never played with fire poi personally] and make quite a lot of noise especially indoors. the tails are super long but do not get in the way of eachother doing opposites like split time butterfly. The length that they came set at is perfect but theres plenty of cord to adjust it. I can't wait to go to another festival or the beach and show them off! the detaching tails are nice. i like being able to remove them when a tangle goes into the 'rediculous' zone...which does NOT happen as often as i expected!! my brother played with them too and they are durible as well. xD"
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Dragon Wing Flags  
     9th January, 2011
"I could tell by the picture that they were weighted much better than normal flags but now that they're in my hands i'm more than impressed. They feel great! and reverse/stall very easily without tangling up- they flip open in the other direction like nothing happened. like everyone said they don't catch light wind and look amazing. I got the black/orange and they are VERY bright!!! the matching bag was a nice touch too"
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