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22nd February, 2009
"I ordered these a while ago. i had some others from the flowtoys website. but this website has cheaper shipping costs for europe. -------------the flowlights are awesome to say it in one word. Other reviews recommend to get the crystal cases for beginners. but if your smart you use them allways these lights are supposed to come in a casing and are not made for spinning them without a casing.---------------------- with this casing you got a high impact resistant poi. they will not turn off not break they are the most durable led poi on the market right now. i had a car ran over a set(with casings) and all i needed was a little glue they still work properly. on one of the two lights i need more pressure to push the button but that is all. i find the blue green and white leds the brightest the red yellow orange and pink are a lot less in comparison to the first 3 mentioned. so if you want to mix colors take 2 bright flowlights or 2 dimmer flowlights."
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