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Silk Bubble


Empty Striped Sock Poi  
4th October, 2017
Good...but watch the stitching
"I purchased two sets of sock poi - the green and the rainbow striped. The green set had stitching that was coming undone. The rainbow set did not. Don't know if it was the luck of the draw on color or what and it's a simple fix, however, that was my only gripe. I purchased a set of 2-panel sand poi weights, separately, as it actually gives you a slightly better deal that buying the set. The socks can easily interchange with weights of your choosing - sand poi weights, tennis balls, etc. That part I really like. The material seems pretty durable. Depending on the weight of the poi inserts, the poi sock will stretch a bit. It's simple to wind up the length a bit. I found that I can create an easy finger loop just by creating a slipknot."
Good...but watch the stitching
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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2 7/8 inch Flex Pendulum PX3 Color  
4th October, 2017
Love These!
"I've been spinning poi since 2004 and have tried everything from homemade sock poi, fire poi, flag poi, streamer poi, led poi, and I love these as my new practice poi. A note to beginners - these are pretty forgiving, however, they still hurt if toss one into your face or 'tenders'. My opinion is that tennis ball poi work better for brand new beginners. For those who have the basic moves, straight planes, and good muscle memory, these are a great weight, length (come in three sizes) and durability. Great for picking up new moves!"
Love These!
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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