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Fire Phoenix
Fire Phoenix
Purchase Large Fire Fans 2inch Wicks  
6th May, 2010
"I am only use to poi and I decided to take these up and they use alot of the same concepts of poi. I like them; I feel like they release the inner sex goddess in me."
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Purchase 2 7/8 inch Stage Soft Color  
6th August, 2008
Great for beginners
"This is great for if you are just starting to learn to contact juggle as it won't break when you drop it and it quite a bit cheaper then an acrylic one. Got here in record time!!! THANKS HOP!"
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
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Service & support  
23rd August, 2007
"Home of poi blew me away. The service was incredible fast and the online support is fantastic! Thank you HOP!"
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