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social work


home of eburon, Belgium


poi, reading, flowerstick

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pop up poi
pop up poi with better lights :-)
firepoi pop-up 1.1

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you could go for lead weightballs for fishing and put them in a tennisball. buy small grain lead( i suggest 1-2mm) and make a small slit in a tennisball, you can put the lead in with a ...

wow very nice, happy to se some action from belgium :-)

thanks for the tips, i'l try working on both comments :-)


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13th September, 2006
nice job HOP
"I here's another happy customer!! from belgium to new zealand is a looooong distance and still they managed to get my order here in less than a week. communications were very good by the way I'm sure i'll be back :-)))"
Chrizz Rademakers, Belgium.   [Verified Buyer]
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