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The obvious, and trying to be in tune with my surroundings


Use fire to your will, but respect it always. :Heaven and Earth and I are of the Same Root, The Ten Thousand Things and I are of One Substance: -Zen Master Sojo Dammit.

Service & support  
10th December, 2007
"Best foreign (at least for me) company I have EVER dealt with and that's saying a lot. Excellent service unsurpassed variety unbeatable prices and unrivaled courtesy. Thanks guys!"
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Purchase 2 x 1/8 inch x Length  
15th September, 2006
Good Kevlar
"Great quality correct length easy to work with!"
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Purchase 3/8 inch Rope x Length  
1st September, 2006
Best Kev. Rope!
"Fantastic! I used this for a few rope darts and it's soft enough that you don't end up with your finger bones showing!"
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Purchase Copper Crimp  
25th August, 2006
"Played with these fire snakes for hours and they have a super long burn! Great to spin and not nearly as heavy as I had anticipated. Amazong quality I would highly recommend them!"
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