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Pair of Pro Chains with V2 Handle  
22nd March, 2020
Great quality
"Great quality chain, even the links on the handles are welded for extra security! That being said; if you prefer to play poi with shorter handles I suggest getting the shortest version; These, combined with the handles, are fairly long if you attach a medium pair of poi, which I find makes it more difficult to do some tricks, especially body tracers. Also, if you have poor circulation in your hands (or just very bony fingers) I would suggest buying chain and another type of handels individually and then putting them together, in my experience this type of handles tends to cut off circulation in your fingers when used with heavy poi so it can be unsafe (It happend to me before that, due to my fingers getting hard to move because of restricted circulation, I accidentally let go of a Poi!) But since those are not product flaws but preferences on my side I would still absolutely recommend this product!"
Fliedermau, Switzerland.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Oct 2019

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