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Kathy Clark
BRONZE Member since Aug 2018
Registered on: 29th Aug 2018


Tri Factor

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Fire Eating
Memory Elena - 2 fans 1 hoop
Dancing in the rain
Fire Spirits
Half of Hearts
Stockholm at night
Udderly Peaceful
Tosses with Lotus Fire Fans
Pyro and Mermaid
Fire Vixen
The first burn smile :
Snake flower
Spirit of Australia
First Burn
Diabolo by Sunset
Dead Jester
Electric Flower
First Fire Candle
Eternal fire🔥🔥
My Biohazard tattoo...
lan flowers
Fire and Ice
Can you feel it
Hooper Giggle Beams
Fairy Circus
Captain Jack Sparrow spinning LED sock poi (at age 4)
Circus school

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