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Fans, Dragon, Fire Jump Rope, Fire Eating, Beginner Poi, and Beginner Staff, Fan Dancing, Russian Grip fan, Levistick, Contact Ball Juggling


Obsessive flow artist, mushroom hunter, and embroidery artist. @julia.amanita on Instagram.

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Looking for recommendations of dance-y audience pleasing things to do with Russian Grip Fans. I've been told my spinning is too tech-y, and want to add more mass appeal.

I used to live in Asheville, and there are a couple regular burns. There's one at The Landing, one at The Bywater, and often there's one going at Warren Wilson College, though you usual...

Anyone know of burn circles happening in either of these cities? ever since I moved to the middle of nowhere, Virginia, I've missed my flow community at Creative Labs in Baltimore.


Levi Stick  
     5th January, 2019
Fun toy, should replace string for serious flow
"I am a total beginner to Levi-wand, so I don t know too much about the practice, but based on what i ve figured out in watching tutorials, this wand isn t set up like most serious Levi-wands are. I love that the string is fishing wire and therefore closer to invisible, but it s a single string, and it s at least an inch or two shorter than I d want it (not to mention actual long-string stuff). I really appreciate the weight of it, though, and the color (I got the purple, which is very much pink) is spectacular and exactly what I was looking for."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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1 inch Ring Handle Fire Wand  
     5th January, 2019
Great little fire eating wands!!
"I don t know why I ever bought the straight stick wand. The little loops provide a nice grip, a nice look, and a way to do little spins and weaves with these wands between eating. Since i don t do much in the way of vapor tricks, I find the little spins to be a nice way of filling out a set. I originally bought a single straight wand, but when I saw that these were cheaper, I went ahead and bought two it s been so worth it; I don t know why I ever got one without the ring in the first place. I do regret not getting longer wicks a little bit (one inch might be enough to do jellyfish transfers whereas these are too small), but these are extremely easy to eat off of: the perfect fire eating/on body fuel transfer wand for beginners and more advanced performers alike."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Mar 2018

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