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Profile for Irina Obando

Irina Obando
BRONZE Member since Jan 2018
Registered on: 23rd Jan 2018


Double balance
Phillipine dragon

Follow your Friends

Orbital Grin
Liquid Metal
Sunset island at dusk
Pride of the fans
Double staff fury
Apocalyptic Demon
Creek side spins
PanAm Performance
The Bridges of Madison County
Isis at Club Lava
Sacred Circle
Fire Hoop Backbend
Fire burning and fire fans
Frozen Halo
Balance in the element
Red vs Green
Rings Of Fire
Starting him young
Fire Orb
Backlit Fans
Firefly and henna
Blooming Hooper
Hotter than fire
One Leg Cascade
Lyra Love
Fire master
Gragon staff, poi and torches
Fight fire with fire

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