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Profile for Juniel Abiera

Juniel Abiera
BRONZE Member since Oct 2017
Registered on: 25th Oct 2017


The Fire Bender
Feel the fire

Follow your Friends

Lets Dance
Two art forms collide
Hoop Ballet
look mom, no hands
Beat Wars
Summoning circle
Fire Flower
Cracking Fire
sparkle me pretty
3ball juggling
Taming the Serpent
Rage Roll
Spread Your Wings
SWAG Juggler
Flowers on Fire
Poi is my ink!
Magic mind
Star of smiles
Voo doo doll
Fire fan on a hot indian summernight
burning clown
Puerto viejo
Light and Shadow
SkyeDancer with Firesword
Vestalina Lotus
Cherry Berry
Make it hott!
Fire Fans

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