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Registered on: 2nd Oct 2017
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Poi, S-Staff Buugeng, Fan Dancing, Staff, Whip, S-Staff (Buugeng)

Photo Competition Entries

Fire Festival Fun
Doctor plague
Close to the flame
Reaching for the sky
Through dimensions
Multiple choices
Lady Death
Falling in swirls
Feed the flames and set them dancing
Burning Pirate
Melting till the smiles
Orbs of light
Backyard fun
Through the gates of fire
Twisty wisty
Happy spider
Element of fire

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Service & support  
11th April, 2020
Always happy
"There's no other feeling greater than hop mail call Every time i am glad to find my goods in a good shape. Perfectly wrapped to not be dammaged and trust me they come a loooong way to me hehe Always happy to see the quality and all the dedication that the crew are putting together within every pack. Thank you"
Diana.stoica99, Romania.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Oct 2017

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Foliage and Fire
A Poi-fect Wedding
Getting low in high places
Flowy ❤️😇❤️
Difficulty X2
Fiery Nights 🔥
White butterfly
Led staff play on the beach
Love my orbitals
spirit of fire
Its all about levitation
Fire Tornado
Happy haunted
Lets LED da wayyy
Phlox KS
Tribal Fire
Upside down
Pod Poi

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