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Profile for kittydevereux

BRONZE Member since Jul 2017
Registered on: 11th Jul 2017


Fire and LED entertainer


Hertfordshire, England


Double staff, poi, swords, palms, contact staff, vapours, levitation wand, Rope Dart, Russian Grip fan, Fan Dancing


Natures platform
Light the signal to beam me onboard
Festival nostalgia
Burning ring of fire
Caught in a moment
Pride against prejudice
Sea of faces
Rise Like a Phoenix
Born in flames
Through the fire and the flames

Follow your Friends

Fire Faery
Mask of Gold
Volcano burn burning man 2014
Lucky Shot!
Angel wings on a snowy rainy night
Turtles love to dance with poi!
Fire & Water & Human beeings
Fire Friends
staring down the barrel
Find your flow
Ring of fire!
The Portal
Angel of Fire
wall plane flower
Stanley Styx
Purple Ring of Magic
flow poi duo, 6 petal
Dedication and Appreciation.
Crystal ball
Voo doo doll
Fire staff
Do you believe in Magic.
You spin me right round
Double Swords
a flicker of light
Natural circle of life
Synth Hoop
Step into the light...be the light

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