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Hooper And Aerial Artist
BRONZE Member since May 2017
Registered on: 26th May 2017
Last active: 12th Aug 2020






Hulahoop, poi, staff, fans, Levi wand, aerial silks, aerial hoop.


Jacki Lograsso is a multiskilled, determined performer, who discovered her love for the art of hula hoop in 2014. Jacki Lograsso found her love for the hula hoop at anime conventions across the Midwest. Hipnotized by the performers she decided to pick up a hoop and join the performers on stage in 2015. Jacki has performed at numerous events with her hula hoopssingle and double, staff, Levi wand, palm torches, fire hoop, fans, aerial hoop, and silks. Jacki Lograsso has performed with musicians in places such as The Schwag tour 2018-2019, Snoop Dog & Wiz Khalifa 2014 Verizon wireless amphitheatre, Anime St Louis 2015-2017 Anime Onsen Rave, Frost Money 2019 Pops Night club, along with many small performances in her local music scene. . On the music festival scene Jacki Lograsso can be found sharing her skills and growing her knowledge of everything flow with the people around her.


Never stop dreaming but never cease to live meanwhile.

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Sunshine Silk Smiles
Flying in Silk
The Tilt of Silk

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