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Indigo Harman
SILVER Member since Apr 2016
Registered on: 20th Apr 2016


Fan Dancing, Russian Grip fan, Poi, Hoop


Luminous Forest Fairy

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Fan Fantasy
LED hoop
Volcano burn burning man 2014
Fire Flower
Love the poi shaps..
Light within the darkness
Cirque du Sac
Enter my dragon staff
Double Fire Hooping in the Dead of Winter
Feel the Flow
Steampunk delight
One in a million
Sam of Urban Unicorns UK
NLQP fireflies
Death Eater
Carnival hot
One eye ball juggling
Fire Sword vortex
Bendy Fire Patterns
Flame Hoops
Rotorua Glo Festival
Spooky Dolly
post apocalyptic steampunk
Antispin Ice Flower Trails
Burn Out in Budapest
Sunset Sundaze
Rose of fire

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