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Circus Dance belt Washer


Osaka/world tour, USA


books, sewing, fire, anything with a friend,food,watching people in trains.


"Don't be silly, everbody knows it's Turtles! Turtles,All the way Down!" unknown attendee of Stephen Hawkings/Kip Thorne Lecture.(used by Terry Pratchett too)

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19th August, 2005
Unwrap to whap in 2 days flat!
"Sugoi! Ordered fluffy poi set and was amazed at speed order arrived with out the usual one month Japanese customs delay in TWO DAYS!!! And enjoyed the soft fluffiness of not breaking my glasses whist practicing. And the softness meant I was not so afraid of hitting objects in my tiny hotel room! So thanks for the speed and quality of the Fuzzy poi. -Miss Miko"
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