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Robert Nadel
BRONZE Member since May 2015
Registered on: 25th May 2015




Just K
The Eye of Ra
Sunset Meteor

Follow your Friends

socks poi on heat
Plain n Simple
Hoopers Pose 🧘‍♀️
Double staff flowers
peace of hands
Rainabow Flow
Beach Speed Spinning
Mother of Fire
Two beat fishtail weave
Fire Lizard
lights at Eva
The Imagination Warrior
Arching Backward Stunt
Game Face
Hot Flower
Dragon Dancing
Illusion of Shape
Home of Poi Foldy Fans
Fire Giant Dream
Ooops, Dropped It!
The lantern.
Ignis Anulum
Hoop Group BCHC
Staff toss under lights
Flow wand magic
La Femme Boheme
eat the moon
Pixie-poi dancing

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