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Registered on: 13th Jan 2015
Last active: 15th Jan 2015

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Beware the Flying Hoop Kick

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Beats and Swing LED Madness
Ohio Burn Unit at NLQP
Emazing Flow
Winter New Years 2018
Desire of the Marsh Fires
Fire master
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Dreamdancers fire faires
Sunny Day Whitsunday Island
podpoi at the lake
Psycho from Borderlands
Light Fairy
Windy City Poi
Back in Orbit
Fire wave
Just Breathe
Firey Ninja
Drag Circle with Medium Cathedral Fire Poi
Beam me up
on the farm
Get up to get down!
Fabulous Warrior
Find you balance
Catching balls
Men can multitask!!
Tonto is real
Think of YOU
Dynamic Duo - Sage & Zarah of Sangre Del Sol

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