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Amanda Mitchell1
BRONZE Member since Dec 2014
Registered on: 16th Dec 2014


The devils crucifix
mini hoop contortion.

Follow your Friends

Dusty and determined
Wreck Em All!
Crescent moon
Finding balance as the sun sets....
Lost in my own mind
Ring of Fire
Poi Light Painting Love
flying inferno
lakebed spark
Gak tau namanya apa
Down and dirty
You’ll Float Too
So Kiss Me
Red Hot Juggling
Its all about the stamen :-
cuentos de dragon
Dragon Staff Handstand
Elliot Walton Circus Artist
fun with fleshing
Wookie weirdness
Industrial Flags
My new hoop from OBJ
Lust For Flames :
Flying with out wings
flying flamez - fully element
Double Triquetra

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