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Fire pixie
Purchase Fluffy Podpoi Covers  
17th August, 2017
A game changer
"There is something so pleasing about a fuzzy fairy of light dancing around you . These dim the trails of the pod and add a new illusion . Focusing more closely to the movement And style than the lights left behind . They have a nice snug fit to stay put and don't add too much weight or really any to notice. Great packaging and shipping as always !"
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Purchase Pair of Silk Folding Fans  
17th August, 2017
New favorite prop
"These are so light and lovely ! Easy open and close fan with long flowing silk ! They have taken my flowarts heart. I love these fans so much. Shipped fast and packaged well . I loooove the colors too my brother said it looks like the sky meeting the sea"
New favorite prop
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase 5 Finger Fan Kit with 2.5 inch wicks  
4th July, 2015
Diy fans
"Wow :) what quality ! It really supplies you with everything to do it yourself ! Needle thread evening cut Kevlar instructions and all . The instruction video was so easy to follow along . I would suggest if you have delicate skin or hands to wear some sort of glove with grip . I used a gardening glove and it really gave me the grip I needed to get that needle through the Kevlar . My package as usual arrived within the proper time . I am very satisfied withy fans and I can't wait to light them up !"
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