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PLATINUM Member since Sep 2011
Registered on: 11th Sep 2011
Last active: 13th Jul 2019


Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


whatever the day brings, Poi, Fan Dancing, Levistick, Staff, Hoop, Juggling, Rope Dart


Friendly neighborhood pyromaniac. I hail from Northern Canada, and have assembled an amazing troupe of hand picked hooligans that I spin my days away with!

Photo Competition Entries

The bigger the stage, the crazier the troupe!


Burn Cream - Small  
      3rd April, 2013
Incredible stuff!
"This little pot goes a long way! What sort of magic this stuff is made of I am unsure. But it really does work impressively well. I work in a kitchen and this is my go-to product for any scalds or burns minor or major. It cuts down healing time and helps to soothe that terrible searing pain away in a fraction of the time. I've only burned myself once with my fire poi but after using this for a few days a pretty nasty burn was reduced to a manageable scab. This is an integral part to any firespinners kit! It also seems to work pretty well on bugbites and allergic reactions... which is a very welcomed bonus!"
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
PLATINUM Member since Sep 2011

Color LED Poi Set  
      30th July, 2012
Sturdy little Poi with just a little bite!
"I ordered this set to learn with last autumn but was worried that my extremely accident prone nature would render them dead in no time. Much to my pleasure however they are still going strong! After countless hits drops smacks... and even a few accidental launches into the abyss they still look and work like new! The handles and links are very well made and very sturdy. They were easy to adjust and the knots don't slip with these nylon cords (unlike some cheaper cords you may find out there). It's nice not to have to worry about readjusting your cords every time you want to spin! I often used them inside of Jailhouse Sock Poi and the effect is splendid. Also the battery life is extremely good. EXTREMELY good! Another amazing product from HoP!"
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
PLATINUM Member since Sep 2011

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