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Flow DNA

Flow DNA
GOLD Member since Oct 2010
Registered on: 13th Oct 2010
Last active: 13th Aug 2020
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Flow arts performer, teacher, toy maker, shop owner, community organiser...


Cape Town, South Africa


Ask me about flow, and prepare to listen for the rest of your life, or tell me to stop talking eventually...

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Photo Competition Entries

Beach Sunset Anti-Spin
Glowing Shuriken-Saw
Super Saiyan Poi

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What was that about winning again? I'll have some of that :)

Oh it's been so long!Winning again :)It feels good

Winning :)

Lessons uploaded

Library > Devil Sticks > Intermediate/advanced > Fishtails

Devil Sticks Lesson - Fishtails  Uploaded 23 Aug, 2013
Library > Devil Sticks > Flower Patterns > Buzzsaw Fountains (Flower Patterns Part 2)

Library > Devil Sticks > Flower Patterns > Turning with Buzzsaws (Flower Patterns Part 1)

Devil Sticks Lesson - Buzzsaw Reels  Uploaded 11 Apr, 2013


UltraKnob LED Handle  
19th September, 2017
Best knobs ever
"These LED knobs are just what I wanted. Heavier than other knobs, which is how I like it. Really bright on the bright modes. Lots of modes too."
Best knobs ever
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Oct 2010

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