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Butterfly Right?
Purchase 5/32 inch ColeCord x 30ft  
12th February, 2016
ColeCord happiness
"I simply love the feeling of this cord and have even started knotting bracelets with it. HoP reaches me quickly even on the tropical Islands of Thailand where everything moves a little bit slower."
, Sweden  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase Color LED Poi Set  
1st September, 2010
The Multi-Color LED Poi Set with Nylon Cords
"These are a great poi not only do they have a very nice and eyecatching glow I found myself being able to do some moves ive had problems with before alot easier perhaps its my imagination or the nyloncords. one thing i personally did wrong was to order the double loop instead of a single the double is to loose on my fingers and keeps sliding when i open my hands. my point is to say that these poi are great and i strongly recommend them ecpecially for beginners since they are friendly to hit yourself in the face with and you can really see what track your poi is traveling on witch makes it easier to see your own moves and then master them."
, Sweden  [Verified Buyer]
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