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Nick Tashiro

Nick Tashiro
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Awesomeville, CA, USA


Poi, Guitar, Poetry, Science, Film, Graphic Design, Makin' T-shirts


I also design T-shirts, if you're into that sort of thing... zazzle.com/awesomeville

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Purchase How to Poi and Ultra Comet Tail Poi  
24th February, 2010
Great price great poi rough handles
"I ordered a rainbow pair of these for my grandmother. She is just starting to spin poi and they have been a fairly ideal set for her. They are light (but not too light) and relatively soft (great for not hurting/injuring novices) they are inexpensive and the tail is so eye-catching that they make even the most noob tricks look very pretty which I think gives some much-needed encouragement during the beginning stages of spinning. The instructional DVD is a key addition particularly for my grandma who doesn't have internet access to video tutorials. The removable tail is also great. You effectively have both regular and tail poi. The reason I don't give these 5 stars is the handles are simply too rough and are not very comfortable over extended periods of use. This is not a real big deal as you can slip a pair of soft nylon handles into your order for $2.88. I strongly recommend buying these and I strongly recommend buying a softer pair of handles to go with them."
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