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Posted:I am on a mission to build up a relationship with my local Fire Department.Thus far i have only been transfered between the Fire Prevention Unit and the actual Fire Dep. But i know finaly have the adress where i can get a permit,i just hope they have one for spinning.Coz so far they dont know about fire they know is PyroTech and that is not my thing.How r ur relationships with the local FD? Do you have a permit? Is it legal to spin with out one wher you are from?I would like to know.Maybe ill move to your country!

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Posted:yes a relationship with the local fire department is a very important thing. i found talking to my local fd was very easy and they were very helpfull. my fd is aware of the fire arts and i find them very supportive of people who are involved with them. to spin without a permit you could face very hefty fines. though i thing the thrill of that possability makes all the more exciting, i dont advise. the fd when i asked them what i can and should do they told me they would be will to issue me an permit annually so that i can practice in my yard. thats not good enough for. so i wrote a propsal so that i could spin at the houses of my friends and loved ones as well as my house. a onsite perfomance permit for me is waiting approval. then i can spin again. for public displays and performances i would need to aquire a seperate permit for EVERY individual show. and i have a few that i want to do. so my best wishes to you. and remember the people at the fire department love fire as much as you and me they just deal with it differently.

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