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Okay, two things to get out of the way first of all:1. I did a search and read every single post regarding flags, and it didnt satisfy my thirst. 2. I posted this in Social because it gets more traffic and I would really like to get started on this. It is borderline social, and it does deal with twirling, whether or not is is Fire Poi or not... With that said...
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I made my flags about 32x40, and I like them very much. I was dancing to swing music this weekend with them, much fun!
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I really got down with just one flag; it was everywhere, and so was I. I have a lot of difficulty with two though. I can do a windmill. I can do some things I dont have a name for. One thing is I dont have handles... would that aid me in doing poi moves? I also checked out the other sites... could any of you give me some pointers on some flag moves? Many many thanks in advance. ------------------We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.~Edgar Cayce


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I can't help you out at all but you got me real curious. Is that kinda of like the random people you see at raves dancing w/ 2 shirts? If so, I would think that most of the patterns for poi would work with it, but you would have to move a lot slower and also I would think some liquid would port over. Your goal, I guess, is to try and mix it up enough and keep flow, and it seems to me if you have something that constantly resists flow when you switch directions that you would be best served having one hand (flag) follow the other at all times. In fact, maybe that is why the windmill ports over so well, 'cause you have a 'lead' hand to keep the other one in check (flowing).

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dude, if you still want some help on trying to get a style down pm me and i'll see what i can help you with.

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Doing the flags to swing is a blast ... it's even fun to classical.

I do most all of my poi spins but not for a length of time and I always have to reverse it so that they don't stay twisted. I'm thinking about designing a pair that have poi handles but there is just something about the challenge of a good old fashioned set of flags.

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My flags have poi handles, I'm not sure how much it helps as not all poi have handles and spinners seem to manage fine with them!

Most of the poi moves I do (still being pretty new to this), I can do with flags, only slower! Difficulties arise with BTH and BTB moves, I think however, that even then, if they are only held for one beat and exited smoothly, they are fine. Stalls are an issue, I find changes of direction lead to the flags folding, perhaps I am doing it too fast though. Butterflies, including take outs and lock outs work, thread the needle is a challenge, but can be done and I would imagine would look good with 2 different coloured flags.

I find the best thing about flags is that they make some of the simpler poi moves look far more impressive. Flowers are great and look fantastic (in motion they are better than light poi I would say - although light flowers photograph beautifully) weaves look amazing and fountains quite spectacular. Reels are also pretty cool. Giant windmills are ace.

I try to focus on keeping it slow, flowing and BIG! Matching movements and smooth transitions between formations are essential.

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drewskiBRONZE Member
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a great beginners video by Cybersass

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I've spun only "poi" flags, meaning that they do have double finger loops. The set I use most often is triangular. I find that rectangular flags have too much drag to them, plus they tend to flop and fold a lot more than triangular ones.

Anything done with poi can be done with flags if: 1-you move slower, 2-exaggerate your movements.

If you want to use traditional flags, then perhaps try drilling a hole near the end of the pole and insert a double finger loop connected with ball bearing swivel. That should (in theory) afford you the effect plus the fluidity, but then again I haven't tested it so YMMV

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