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Posted:I have a bit of a problem.

I have a tendency to zone out when I spin, dance or drum. While I will most fully admit that I do much better when I zone out, or more specifically I go into a half trance, I have a tendency to lose all connection to every sense but my own movements. I can't truly see anything but the poi. I can't hear anything but the music, the fire and my own heartbeat. I can't sense any movement but my own.

I'm terrified that at the haunted hayride I spin for every year, that some ignorant twit is going to try and approach me (It almost happened last year, but someone noticed before he got to close) and that nobody will see, and I will seriously injure either myself or said twit.

Ropes aren't enough, because the guy last year ducked under them, and I truly cannot stop myself from trancing, and its a real concern for me. My friends try to keep an eye out, but sometimes they miss things.

Is there any advice you can give whatsoever? Anything that can either let me zone without worry, or that can help me keep from trancing?


Ash Blackstar

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Posted:whenever i preform, i always have one or two of my friends or fellow preformers act as the "bouncers". i find that both having them watching the moves of unsuspected spin interuptors and having ropes up is a good combination. anyone who dodges past ropes AND someone chasing after them deserves to be thwacked! (ok, maybe no...but maybe then they'll learn their lesson?)

good luck!

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Posted:Before you perform, stick a couple of clothespins to each nipple. That will keep you awake!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Don't focus on the fire or the music. Actually focus on the audience, try to see them past the flames. That is truly performing anyway.

If you feel this uncomfortable about it, then you shouldn't do it.
Not to be harsh, but it is irresponsible to do something that you KNOW is not safe. Part of being a good performer is keeping your wits about you to keep your audience safe. I should think that paranoia is good enough to keep you from zoning. I know it does for me! lol

Keep a light on, more than the fire. It does not diminish the experience for the audience, rather they can see you and that makes it better. But you can see them, and connect.

Besides, I remember this from last year....I seem to recall you saying you were going to work on it!

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Posted:What Pele said...

If you can't focus on what's going on around you then you need to spin somewhere inaccessible to the public until you can.

One scenario that is quite easy to envisage, is a little kid (or drunk adult) sneaking up towards you mesmerised, with the intention of asking you a question or somthing.

You hit them under the chin with a flaming implement, shattering their lower jaw, making them bite their tongue completely in half and condemning them to painful facial reconstruction and communication problems for the rest of their life...

Oh yeah, and you go to jail... Doesn't matter if it 'wasn't your fault', the authorities will need a scapegoat and the victims family will want revenge.

And this is just one example of what could happen, nothing to do with burns and permanent scarring (like someone earing one of those 100% polyester jackets)

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