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Posted:Ok, today seems to be MY day for idiocy nad overall stupidity, so I am going to ask this. Has anyone thought about a POI computer or Console game? My friend is thinking about Modding for some game, I'm not sure which one, and I was like, why not a poi game? You learn tricks, and stuff, and it could actually be good for learning how to do the tricks in real life in my opinion. Would also allow you to see what the different types of poi look like. Electroglo, Fire, staff, firefans, etc. I dunno if my friend likes the idea, but I do. Only an idea at the moment, but what do you other people think of this. And just saying, nothing beats actually doing the poi, performing. I just think this is an interesting idea... Aslo, it could be stupid too, since I am on a roll with stupidity today...


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