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Posted:So hear London got hit, too, eh? Everyone OK?

Well, from one blackout survivor to the rest of you, welcome back to the light.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Haha, It IS balckout season. Im in Ottawa, and we got hit with that balckout the other week. Damn it. I didn't have any poi with me... Sad, glostick or of course, fire, would have been great. That night the streets were black. But I gotta say. If the power goes out, go outside! Spin with light!
And ya London got hit, but I didn't hear much about it, except for a story. any other blackouts goin on anywhere?





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Posted:I went through the london one. It was pretty cool one of the pumping stations got hit as well so even after we had power back there was no water so we had to close the resteraunt I work at and I got to go home early which was nice. People getting stuck on the tube weren't as happy



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Posted:We had a brown out today with a thunder storm.
I live near Buffalo so the way it goes is....

Summer= Thunderstorm season= Blackouts
Winter= Snow and Ice Storm season= Blackouts.

In the night in summer is fine. Days you bake. Winter just sucks.
But you come to really love the romantic qualities of anything firey or glowey!

So what happened in London? They have too many air conditioners going too?

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