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Posted:Dear All
I have just read in a forum on a French website.
It seems that Cirque du soleil is recruiting Fire artists...
let me try and translate some of it in english :

Role = fire manipulation duett or solo for potential old and new shows.
contract = 2 years
Audition = by invitation
expiring date of applications = 30 th sept 2003
Need: artists with touring and performing experience in cabarets or circus
great performing quality perfect physical shape
openness of the mind and team spirit

send your application including
- curriculum vit (with weight, height, size, birth date, nationality, address , year and location of training and work experiences, several pictures , - a video (short bits of your show - mandatory)
- self introduction on th camera (name, age, history...) would be greatly appreciated.

any application will not be considered if incomplete.

Cirque du Soleil
8400, 2e Avenue
Montral (Qubec)
Canada H1Z 4M6

Tlphone: (514) 723-7646
Fax: (514) 723-7617
mail= casting@cirquedusoleil.com

I know not many of us have that level but some of us do... who knows.....

Good luck for any of you who give it a try even if your initials are RH

shine on

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Posted:eeep meep

that is kinda scary

wouldn't it be magic though if someone we knew got a spot?

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the henna lady
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Posted:if you go to their website, they are always hiring... that is the standard audition.

It's their ideal of a "perfect body" that is frightening.
I have seen the fire in their shows, in fact "O" supposedly has the "best of CDS fire" and let me tell you, it left **ALOT** to be desired. Their high level skill displayed, was...in this order with poi....

Mexican..hip wave...hip turn..toss one poi and not catch it.

Polynesian Fire Knives were mostly based on speed. There were some smoothe behindthe back catch transitions but again...

Fast on sides...cross over...fast in front..cross over... toss it up...catch bhb...switch toss...skip in circle while hip wave...toss one high..spin in circle...look at it as it bounces 10 feet away on the stage well beyond catch radius.

Yup...I can see why they are holding auditions!
In truth I would actually try for it except I have a "less than perfect body type" and since I have seen their auditions, I know this. *le sigh*

Good luck to anyone who goes for it seriously! I have known a few now to go to rehearsal stage, one who made it all the way and turned down the contract because it was too rigorous (I would never do that! Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth!)

Best of luck!
Hugs and Love!

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Posted:eeerm. i can add a bit more to this one...
they are looking for two girls for this particular audition, for understudies to a part in las vegas.

but got to agree with you onn the quality pele...


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Posted:I agree with Pele too. I just want to see Algeria not to long ago and they had a staff performance. While it looked cool and the guy had a great body, I would say I have seen better on the COL videos.

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Posted:Only girls, eh?
I can be pretty in a kilt.
just gimme some wax and a ticket to france, plz.

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Posted:speaking of circus's i was wondering if anyone could help me. I saw a documentary a while back about a circus (french i think ) that was made up entirly of street kids, and it is meant to be along the same lines as Cirque du soleil, does anyone know what it is called?

I beleive they said it was one of the few present day circus's that would rival Cirque du soleil, so in other words they must be bloody good anmd i would love to go and see them some time


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the henna lady
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I know that Cirque Du Soliel has a program where they have circus people work with street kids to try to get them straightened out.
This gave birth to the Valkyries, which is a group of fire spinning/breathing punks with basic skills, bad choreography and alot of attitude.

I believe this program is listed somewhere on their website if you want to find it.

****PS. The auditions and such other trainings for CDS tend to occur in Montreal, not France. So you'll have to brush up the Canadian Version of French! And if they invite you to audition, they pay for your ticket there.

And I want a photo of you in that Kilt. I love a man in a kilt! Yummy!

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

old hand
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Posted:No kilt for me!

Pity its not in France, I'd love to check that out while I'm in Paris..

Besides, I can't even think about trying it out: I'm too busy with the fencing and I have to start preparing my entry for COL 16!

I *might* just be ready by then.



Cinnamon Girl
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Posted:It's been a long standing dream of mine to join Cirque, when I was younger I wanted to sing for it but then when I discovered poi I was like "all right, this will get me in there for sure". This is kind of a reality check I guess.
Oh well, work my ass into the ground for a few years, then we shall see!



the henna lady
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Posted:so, broaden your horizons as much as you can Deimos and get in on whatever they need, be it music or some obscure skill.

I have to say, their ideal body is really upsetting to me. For once in my life I know I am good enough at something to at least get an audition offer, but there is no way it would come to pass because I am too big. It makes me feel like shit that I am no longer unhealthily thin, but when I was I didn't have the energy to keep up with the rigorous pace of such a show. Most of the time in their shows there is very little difference between the men's bodies and the women's. I have curves, naturally, and so know that if I even attempted to send an audition tape it would be chucked out. I also know that if I lost a tonne of weight to be under ideal, I would still have hips and shoulders...it is how I was made.
It makes me wonder what I have worked all these years on my skills and performance stylings for, you know? They are **supposed** to be the pinnacle, the goal, and yet here they are not caring about skill so long as you look androgenous in thier spandex suits.

Yup...I am frustrated, and upset...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

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Posted:Man oh man oh man..............
It's the females -on -the- weight- issue again!!!....
No seriously, i totally agree with you pele..i don't have much to say other than that......(actually a little bit more.....)
Weight aint the issue (to me or you obviously) but to others it's the deciding point between someone who's the model figure, but who cant spin quite as good as the next- not so slender person who is class 'A' on spinning.......
It makes me sick too.
Myself i'm not terribly thin, although im physically fit and fairly toned....my upper arms and back- for some reason(!!!)- are more toned than most of my male friends.....
But i guess all i want to say is that having worked in the entertainment industry it is usually the case that appearance over-throws talent and i just want people to know this cus when a knockback happens it can make you mad/sad/hurt/dissappointed........ but just don't give up. Most of the kindest strongest people i know are the ones who say....'Sod 'em'......... it's there loss.... guess i just wanted to say...remember that... and good luck if anyone goes for the audition..... xx
Love+Light xx

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Posted:Pele...I think both you and I have been gradually learning more and more about CDS that we don't like and aren't happy with.

now, I perhaps understand why some of their shows are crap...they are limiting themselves for image and so their image suffers!

What a pack of losers! I'm sure there is a number of laws here in NZ where they would fined thousands of dollars for discrimination.

But, at the end of the day, noone goes home talking about how they all looked the same.

In fact, a number of their costumes pretty much hides the artist's bodies completely anyway.

This seems to me to be just one more reason why CDS has become to me the MacDonalds of the circus arena.

How many gigs do you get where you are personally thanked by the crowds and the organisers?

THAT is the proof of your skill, talent and abilities, NOT what some pumped up dickhead puts down on a list of attributes...

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Posted:I've seen O and i can do better than the guy on stage, as well as hundreds of people on this site i'm sure.

Seriously unimpressive and disappointing. The rest of the show is amazing though, so it's still a must-see.


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Posted:how sad that they limit themselves so much by limiting their performer's physical structure. They could really miss out long term as the level of proficiency falls with the addition of maybe slightly less that 'fantastically' talented people because they fit the physical criteria.... and soemone who is talented didnt. *sigh* this world is far to appearances obsessed.


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Posted:okay... devil's advocate...

they slave those people, you know. performing at least a few shows a week, and keeping them active and limber many hours a day every day. perhaps the in shape thing is more about their investment, wanting to make sure "it" can take the rigor without crunmbling under the pressure. have you ever done shows that constantly, where in each one every movement has to be that perfect? i have to keep in really good shape to do it, when i am doing that many shows.... it's hard! and i'm not in perfect shape, for CDS, but i am darn close, i could be in a few weeks of solid training, with no burning man or women to distract me but hey, if i wasn't in at least good shape i couldn't expect to be able to perform at my peak at any given moment.
not that i plan to join CDS, i'd rather change the world than my pocketbook. but i see where they are coming from. if it comes down to people who are in shape, or out of shape, we know the wise decision. unfortunately it seems like they are picking people who are in shape and not very good rather than take the talent even if they aren't totally perfect looking. and also, there are plenty of people who are in shape but don't have the "perfect shape" if you catch my meaning.

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the henna lady
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Posted:However, arashi, I am in good shape and I KNOW I could do what they need/expect. However, the way my body is built I wouldn't get in. I have wide hips and shoulders which give me more curves than it seems they can handle.

And while they say for Zoomanity (the new show at Vegas' New York, New York hotel) that they are accepting any body type, that is not entirely true either. Then again, I have seen part of Zoomanity and was wildly unimpressed with the drag queens flipping around the bar...though, the one guy walks better in stiletto's than most women I know!

Nomad, when I saw "O" I have to say that the ship section was incredible as was the Russian Swing. I loved those. The arial grid however found people slipping and nearly falling. We were too concerned to enjoy it. And there is a better cube spinner at Circus Circus freeshows, for anyone who wants to check it out.

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Posted:I know Im jumping in pretty late on this topic, but what the hell I havent signed for awhile and feel like say something.

I just saw the varekai show last week, and it was excellent, unbelievable even. Alll of the performers were top notch to my eye. They had one fire performer, well I dont even know if you could call him that, he simply walked around with a couple of flamethrowers instead of hands and shot fire into the air. He sucked, but he was basically background for a much larger performance.

That was definitely lacking, but then again, I think you need to view the show as a whole. They want to put together a cohesive whole, everything has a similar look and feel, and lets face the people in their shows are the pinnacle of human bodies (in terms of all around). Many of their performers are former Olympic and world class Athletes.

As a note of hope for Pele. The main contortionist who was highly fetured was rather curvy and actually had breasts. Which was surprising because they were popping out of her spandex.

Anyway, in my opinion a single fire performer probably couldnt hold the attention for a long set, they would need to hire a whole troupe, and lord knows they couldnt afford the Anthelion.




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Posted:Hello, hello.

I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you Pele.

I learned fire on my travels, so my basis of learning has always been firedancing as something that unites - for everybody who puts in the effort to practice.

I understand that circuses may not want someone who is overweight (due to the demanding nature of the work), but look at what has happened here... one of the best firedancers around has been put off applying because she may not have a 'perfect body' (whatever that means).

Surely a circus would benefit more from an extremely talented dancer with womanly curves than some stick who can just about keep a few basics together?!

Hmmm, I guess this has struck a chord with me because it feels very wrong to put commercialism before fire. (I realise alot of people on this site do fire for a living, but I see CdS as making a conscious decision to sacrifice talent).

Pele, I reckon you should go for an audition with them anyway (though maybe not as understudy for a Vegas show!). From what I've heard, your talent will shine through - whether they say yes or no, doesn't matter... you should at least apply biggrin

Take care


Getting to the other side smile

Posted:Written by: Pele
This gave birth to the Valkyries, which is a group of fire spinning/breathing punks with basic skills, bad choreography and alot of attitude.

I saw them at the recent Buskerfest here in Toronto. Your description is a lot nicer than what I would have said, but spot-on!


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Just for you Pele:

Non-Https Image Link



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Posted:hey! where are the pleats in the kilt! that's cheating - heck it's not even a kilt - he's wearing a plaid skirt!!!


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Posted:Ok then..

Hows this:

Non-Https Image Link


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